Sunday 1 January 2017

University Challenge

A rare mention of Brookner in a populist format. OK, semi-populist. In the 20 December edition of University Challenge (available on the BBC i-player for a while) there were three Brookner questions:

  1. Brookner's first published novel A Start in Life tells the story of Ruth Weiss [spelt 'Vice' on the subtitles!], an authority on which French author, best known for The Human Comedy?
  2. In 1967 Brookner became the first woman to hold which professorship of fine art at Cambridge? It was endowed by the founder of the school of art at University College, London.
  3. Brookner won the Booker Prize in 1984 for which novel set near Lake Geneva?

The contestants, celebrity alumni rather current students, got 1) and 3) correct, but answered 'Turner' to 2).

There was a little grimacing when the topic was introduced, but otherwise the tone was respectful - respectful in a way that probably wouldn't have been the case some years ago.

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