Monday 2 January 2017

The Anita Brookner Challenge

Inspired by that round on University Challenge, some more Brookner questions:

  1. In which Brookner novel is there a reference to a poem by Philip Larkin?
  2. To whom was Brookner referring when she wrote: 'he did not in fact write much until the most active part of his life was over, and this of course is what sets him apart as a writer'?
  3. The BBC adaptation of Hotel du Lac was filmed on the banks of which Swiss lake?
  4. Which English poet is quoted at the start of Chapter 8 of Altered States?
  5. Esquives ('Dodges') is the French title of which Brookner novel?
  6. Dolly in A Family Romance lives in which Freudian location?
  7. What did Brookner list as her recreations in Who's Who?
  8. Which Brookner character is imagined 'low in spirits, undermined as if by some Jamesian vastation'?
  9. What connects Brookner’s Look at Me, Günter Grass’s From the Diary of a Snail and W. G. Sebald’s essay ‘Constructs of Mourning’, published in Campo Santo?
  10. What did Anita Brookner put into her mixed fruit tisane to give 'an impression of well-being'?

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