Sunday 1 January 2017

Already Inside

...he trusted that hints would be picked up by members of that band of initiates, the Happy Few, to whom he dedicated La Chartreuse de Parme [...] Just who these people are has never been properly established [...] The true meaning would seem to lie half-way between kindred spirits and 'âmes d’élite', and the qualification for membership six months of unrequited love and the ability to deal with it in the manner demonstrated in De l'Amour. Many readers of Stendhal confess themselves to be outside the charmed circle. Fortunately those who feel called to examine such a life are already inside it.
Soundings, review of Stendhal biography

The members of the exclusive circle are, here, Stendhalians. But they might be Brooknerians. Writers, Brookner in particular, when writing of other writers, really only write about themselves.

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