Sunday 11 December 2016

At the Hotel du Lac with a Baedeker

Well, a Fodor's, actually (1993 edn):
Vevey has an air of isolation, of retirement, of Old World gentility, of nineteenth-century stuffiness ... Anita Brookner wrote and set her novel in the Du Lac (subdued relative of the Hotel Trois Couronnes) - readers may be disappointed to find it lacking the discretion and refinement but still flaunting the stuffiness she so precisely described. Though some rooms are newly done up with prim florals or chic burled wood, others retain the kelly-green carpet and mustard chenille of another era in decorating. The lakeside facilities are the hotel's greatest attraction, as there's a graceful sheltered restaurant, a garden, and a pool all just across the street from the waterfront. Rue d'Italie, CH-1800 ... 90 beds, restaurant (reservations, jackets), terrace cafe, outdoor pool, garden. Expensive / very expensive.

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