Friday 25 November 2016

The Corner of a Rubens Landscape

References in A Private View (1994), that most painterly of Brookners, range from Tintoretto
to Odilon Redon
and Walter Sickert.
(Brookner has George Bland visit the Sickert exhibition at the Royal Academy, thus placing the action of the novel in the winter of 1992-3.)

But most memorable for me is Bland's vision of himself at some debilitated future moment, glad to be able to recall a detail from a landscape by Rubens. One wonders: Which might it be?

One knows the Rainbow Landscape in the Wallace Collection
or the View of Het Steen in the National Gallery -
or perhaps it is the Kermis in the Louvre?
I cherish them all - and all because of George Bland, all because of Brookner.

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