Thursday 27 August 2020

The Scott Monument

It is unmissable but oddly neglected. I don't just mean the last-century smog-discolouring, but also the lack of interest from passers-by. I felt rather self-conscious taking my photos. It is possible to go up the monument but not at present. On upper levels stand blackened statues of, no doubt, Dandie Dinmont, Effie Deans, Ivanhoe - but you can't make them out.


  1. Maybe it's the camera angle but the monument looks much bigger, or at least taller, than I imagined it?
    Very jealous, never actually been to Scotland. Will you be going to Abbotsford? If so I thoroughly look forward to your post on it.

    1. It is indeed huge. Wikipedia tells me 61m, and the city likes to inform us it is the world's largest commemoration of a writer. Many thanks for your comment. I visited Abbotsford today, and will be writing a post very soon.


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