Tuesday 11 April 2017

The Anita Brookner Challenge #2

  1. Brookner surname; animal in a Hockney painting; Australian composer
  2. D. H. Lawrence deplored the English for being this; a biscuit; a favourite Brookner location
  3. Rhode Island location; Brookner title; 'I may assert eternal __________, / And justify the ways of God to men.'
  4. Sherlock; Brookner's early mentor; sixteen popes
  5. Simon's Baie des Anges house; Chekhov play
  6. Brookner title; singer; character in The Body in the Library
  7. Herz's street; savage red-haired lord in Trollope; English hills
  8. Album by the Moments; novels by Brookner and Jennifer Egan
  9. 'France's least likely diplomat'; Sturgis's one-time favourite; collapsed on the pavement of the rue Neuve-des-Capucines
  10. Changed to Annie (Ring) in the film of The Age of Innocence; what heroine of Look at Me doesn't like to be called; Mrs Assingham
Answers soon

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