Friday, 23 December 2016


adduce, adventitious, appurtenances, armature, at all events, avatar, beneficient, by dint of, canonical, chevaleresque, claustration, complaisant, defile, désinvolture, divagation, inadvertance, ineluctably, infraction, lycanthropic, martinet, mise en abîme, moue, on one's dignity, otiose, oubliette, provisional, rebarbative, subfusc, suzerainty, temerity, unavailing


  1. I'd also like to suggest "hieratic" for the Brookner vocabulary, a word which I've encountered only in AB's books! I'm delighted to find this blog, as I meet so few Brookner enthusiasts face to face. I'm using the current lockdown to re-read all her books, in chronological order - it's very interesting to see how she develops over the years.

    1. I agree! I can remember coming across that word. I think it means priestly, with a suggestion of hierarchies. I think James uses it too. I'm rereading The Golden Bowl during lockdown. Not sure if it's a good choice - it's a constant dance of distance and closeness. As for meeting other Brookner readers, it occurs to me I've also never met one. But they are out there.


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