Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Detachment of the True Dandy

I was greeted with a welcoming smile and led into her small, bright drawing room. It overlooks a long, pleasant communal garden, with a huge chestnut tree on one side. On the walls are a few pictures by Edward Lear, an etching portrait of Baudelaire by Manet, and rows of bookshelves.
 Shusha Guppy, 'The Secret Sharer: A Profile of Anita Brookner', World and I, July 1998

Baudelaire's main criticism of Manet was the latter's desire to arrive and be accepted, a quality far removed from the detachment of the true dandy.
Anita Brookner, 'Baudelaire', The Genius of the Future

Manet's etching of Baudelaire
It's possibly to be seen on the wall in the background of these two photographs:

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