Friday, 13 January 2017

Brookner Cartoons

Newspapers love a cartoon. As the collection here suggests, questions of applicability and suitability are sometimes overlooked.

The two caricatures by Nicola Jennings seem appropriate in that they illustrate reviews that are less than glowing. The TLS cartoon, on the other hand, accompanies a long academic piece, and feels, therefore, out of place.

The first of the Nicola Jennings portraits looks to me more like Edwina Currie than Anita Brookner.

The Rules of Engagement illustration, though a good likeness of the author, suggests an altogether more lurid and melodramatic novel.

It is interesting that Brookner is seen in one of the cartoons making a cup of tea.

Spectator, cartoon accompanying Brookner's article
'A Stooge of the Spycatcher', unknown artist, 1987

David Levine, 1989
[This may have illustrated a review of Hotel du Lac,
as Brookner is leaning on a tortoise.]

Guardian, review by Natasha Walter of Altered States
'Do you want to read literature? Or just sink into the prose of Anita Brookner?'
Artist: Nicola Jennings, 1996
(See Nicola Jennings cartoon below)

Review of The Bay of Angels
'Mousewife's choice'
unknown source and artist, 2001

TLS, review of The Next Big Thing, 2002
unknown artist

Sunday Times, review of The Rules of Engagement, 2003
'A woman's guide to adultery'
unknown artist

Guardian, joint review of Leaving Home and a novel by
Margaret Forster (left)
Artist: Nicola Jennings, 2005
(See Nicola Jennings cartoon above)

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