Saturday, 10 December 2016

In Hyde Park

I spent most of the day in one park or another, putting off the time when this would no longer be possible. It occurred to me that one could spend an entire holiday in Hyde Park, emerging perhaps for lunch, only to relinquish the crowded streets gratefully for a long uninterrupted afternoon which would, eventually, make some sense of going home.

Undue Influence, Ch. 18

Claire Pitt is one of the most debilitated of Brooknerians. Many a personage roams the London parks, but only Claire Pitt thinks it might be possible to spend an entire holiday in Hyde Park. To what depths must one have sunk before one entertains such a thought? And yet, as John Bayley has pointed out, the paradox implicit in achieved art means that Brookner makes such moments as satisfying as poetry.

Brookner outside a London park or garden, 1990s

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